The New Forest

When travelling with a friend it can go very well or horribly wrong. It is no reflection of your friendship, it is just a reflection of how you travel. I am not great with the research, planning, and even packing. I have been known to get to destinations with one shoe! My way of travelling is like a drunken lurch to a bar. I have friends that are like MI5/CIA Special Forces travel companions. I get on well with them as I can drunkenly lurch as the plan!

I went for a day to Brockenhurst with my friend from the Zoo, her name is Alison and she it turns out is a little like the CIA and a little like me! We travelled by train to the New Forest and after looking at a map decided it was best to just walk to the Main Street. I had printed out 23 pages of instructions on how to do a village walk although we could not work out how to get to the High Street.

My friend Alison said she would be very disappointed if she did not see Horses. I pointed out they are feral ponies. We walked around the path and there were three just there! It was magical.

After consulting our very long printed out instruction we decided to follow our noses and it worked out so much better. After an amazing pub lunch we went for a long walk in the forest and it was so good! A great trip!

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