Unorganised Travel – Isle of Wight, day 2

My day started with a text from someone at work wanting the Wifi code! She apologised even though she knew I was on holiday. My day was going to be visiting the Quarr Abbey and then the famous Osborne House.

I decided to walk the coastal route. I had not done research as to whether you could even get to the Abbey via this walk but it was early and the weather was absolutely fabulous. A few people were out one of whom’s dog thought it would be funny to try and trip me up. This did give me the opportunity to check I was walking in the right direction.

I came across the Quarr Abbey and it was worth the walk. The grade 1 listed monastic buildings and church were completed in 1912. It belongs to the Catholic Order of St. Benedict. It was very quiet with almost no tourists.

Following my visit to the Abbey I took the bus to Osborne House. Catching buses here is a feat as there is only one an hour so you either time it perfectly or end up waiting. I timed it perfectly. Then it all went wrong! I arrived at Osborne House to find out you need to book! No problem I thought I will do this on my phone. Nope! No matter what I did I couldn’t do it. I had checked the bus times and knew I had ten minutes before the next bus back. So I got back on the bus back to Ryde.

My friend Marian had suggested The Beach Hut in Bembridge for lunch. Another bus! I had to wait 30 minutes but they are on time. I got off at Bembridge and this lovely old couple asked me where I was going I mentioned the Beach Hut. They gave me directions and told me it was a long walk. They were not kidding, as I walked through a residential area I almost gave up. I ended up asking another couple if I was going the right way. Its a miracle I get around at all really with my lack of directions.

After going down a dirt road and a rickety bit of stairs I arrived at the most amazing beach.

The Beach hut was fabulous, I had a glass of wine and the best crab sandwich I have ever had. All was good in the world.

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