Feature Wall and Friends

Life has ebbs and flows especially in these strange times. Last week was magnificent this week not so much. It got me thinking should we celebrate the bad days as well as the good ones? A famous person once said that every time she went for an audition and she did not get the job she would go and buy herself something special even if it meant it was just a small bar of amazing chocolate!

I feel a sense of joy on my feature wall. My flat is tiny and quite sparse. I decided months ago to paint my very small entrance blue. I added to it bits of African jewelry.

Only when surveying the pictures I took for this blog did I realise I am so blessed by the people in my life. So many people are not lucky to have such amazing friends and family. I have the sex ‘n the city crowd on my wall, the aussie’s Joanna and Julie. The family and the old housemates. There are many more to add.

My lovely neighbour Helen who is so talented let me keep this mixed art picture which I absolutely love. I have probably framed it badly but it so beautiful. I quite often stand at my window in the early hours of the morning and see her husband is awake too!

I have also installed, well Charlie next door has installed a beautiful copper light. Interesting story it was a bed side light for my parents. My dad did not want it so about 20 years ago I ripped it out of the wall and carried it around in my backpack. I have a thing about copper, I was born on the copper belt in Zambia. During the 1950s this was the biggest copper producing area in the world. I have kept it in the back of my cupboard for years and then finally got Charlie to sort it out! It looks amazing now! So glad I kept it.

The wall could have been painted better. It does make me smile when I walk in. I had a great photo of my dad which was in my bedroom. I finally hung it up on my feature wall to find out the next day it had fallen down and the glass broken. The frame was a little buckled but ok. I fixed the frame and decided to hang it without the glass. I attached very strong double sided tape and hung his photo up again. Saturday night the frame tilted somewhat. Sunday it fell down completely broken, he obviously does not want to be on my very badly painted wall.

Have a good week my lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Feature Wall and Friends

  1. I love your feature wall, especially with the African art. Glad you chose blue as it really shows the art off well 🙂


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