Train Trip

When Cousin Fred suggested a train trip to Bournemouth with his friend Julie I said yes. Secretly I thought “I catch a train every day to work, how can this be any different”. I then got a list of instructions as to what to wear and I thought “OK whatever”.

The day before I thought I should do a little research and am so glad I did! This was no ordinary train trip this was a luxury train trip. The jeans and baggy T shirt would have to go! We were not going to be getting lukewarm tea and a few soggy biscuits! I anticipated it would be nice but wow it was awesome!

The day started with me struggling into a dress, blow drying my hair and trying not to fall out of my high heels. I did not need to worry about getting to the station as I was picked up in a luxury car. I met Julie, although with masks on it was difficult to get a real picture of my competition. Julie is a good friend of Fred’s.

We arrived and boarded this handsome and beautiful first class carriage.

The steam train was beautifully decorated, the seats luxurious and onward we were bound. The table layout was pretty photographic too!

Not long after putting my order in for a luxury breakfast which consisted of pastries, fruit and a full English I got the measure of Julie. Julie ordered our first bottle of champagne with breakfast. This was a woman after my own heart! We ended up having another two bottles and it was not even lunch time. The three of us got on so well and I forget how witty and intelligent dear cousin Fred can be. The journey got better and better with spectacular scenery and interesting conversations.

We had a half way point where we could get off and see the steam train from the front. Our locomotive was an Ex Southern Region ‘Merchant Navy’ Class Pacific locomotive No. 35018 British India Line,

Fred had decided that Weymouth on the Dorset coast would be a better destination but, with train delays we had a very short stop over. This did not stop up finding a delightful pub to sit a few cocktails.

We rushed back to the train to continue our journey back to London in true class. During Covid I have not been out to eat for quite some time so it was a revelation to have a starter, main and dessert. We of course had to have tipple. I had the most amazing steak and of course matched it with red wine. Whilst the travel and food was equally stupendous the company surpassed this.

Thank you Fred and Julie for a fantastic day! It is not one I shall forget soon. The great photo’s are Fred’s.

Have a great weekend my lovelies

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