Safe Stress

Coming from South Africa I am a little overly zealous around security. A few years ago I installed a safe to store my meager valuables. The person who installed the safe needed help as his first suggestion was on a stud wall which means the safe could have been just pulled out. He also suggested I just leave it loose underneath my bed! We ended up installing it in my cupboard that holds my dresses.

During Covid I took one of my rings off and stored it in the safe. The ring has always gone on my engagement finger and for some unknown idiotic idea I thought if I did not have a ring on that finger I would have a better chance of meeting a man, I can hear everyone laughing already! The ring has the diamonds from my moms engagement ring and a diamond received for my 21st, it has sentimental value for me.

I digress, this week I wanted to wear a necklace that is my safe and put the ring on again. I entered the code and nothing happened. I did this so many times the whole safe just then ignored me. I was late for work! I stressed and started googling ‘how to break into a safe’. I spent the day at work stressing about the safe and the cost of getting a locksmith out. I went home and my neurotic being kicked in and I started cleaning drawers to find the key that would override the keypad. The worst was I could not stop thinking that as an full functioning adult woman this should not be happening! Maybe I should have just drunk some wine and realised I am not a fully functioning adult old woman!

I started trying to get into the safe on Monday, Tuesday I tried again. Wednesday I cleared the cupboard and cleaned the floor. The end is a little less dramatic I woke up at 2am on Thursday determined to find the key. I started going through my jewelry box and found the key it was 4am! I also have very tidy drawers, jewelry boxes and shelves! I am tempted to wear all my jewelry and just strap my passport to my bra that way I don’t ever need the stupid safe.

Cheers to being a neurotic middle aged woman.

Have a great weekend my lovelies.

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