Acton Angels

Twenty years ago I was living in a horrible house share in Acton with this very strange woman who insisted I did not use the kitchen and monitored my coming and leaving the flat. I had this friend Sheree who was a friend of my Aussie friend Joanna. Joanna asked me to show Sheree the ropes in London and I was horrified to find Sheree had arrived with the highest heels I have ever seen and no suitable clothes for backpacking or even working in London at all! She soon figured out the ways of London and we had some great evenings in the Walkabout pub! Sheree suggested we go and look at a house share with girls she worked with. Having flat shared with some lovely people and some total maniacs I was apprehensive. When we walked up Acton Vale I was horrified to see the flat was above a shop and up an endless amount of steps. I was pleasantly surprised to find the flat was amazing we each had our own bathrooms and there was a generous kitchen and lounge area. I mentioned it was my birthday the next week and the girls actually came to my birthday drinks even thought they did not even know me that well. I was hooked by the flat but more importantly by the girls!

I initially shared with Jane (in the middle) and Jo and started many years of great times and friendships. I went to Jo’s wedding and was there when Jane bought her first flat. Jo ended up leaving the flat and I found a kindred spirit in Cath (on the left) who loves wine! We used to bribe each other as to who was going downstairs to get the wine. I had a hilarious time driving to Cath’s hen weekend and went to her wedding too! I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had great dinners at Jane’s in fact I was at her house just before I fell over and broke my ribs.

These enduring friendships mean that even though we had not seen each other for 2 years the reunion was like we have seen each other yesterday! We met at the GNH Bar, which I got lost trying to find and where we had the best Gin and Tonic ever!

We decided to walk to Camden down the tow path. I was fascinated to find a dog with a life jacket on whilst we watched a houseboat go through the lock.

Camden was absolutely packed with people so we moved a little off the beaten path and found a tapas restaurant which looked good. The sangria was amazing the rest less so! This is the first time I have ordered a bread basket to go with my olives and got a basket full of toast. The Patatas bravas, which means spicy potatoes, was covered in tomato sauce. I am not sure the Chef has even been to Spain. We enjoyed the sangria though!

We then walked through a shady Regents park admiring the flowers and listening to live jazz.

On the other side of the park we wandered down to Marylebone High Street where we came across the Prince of Wales pub. It was a real find a great musical playlist, interesting people to watch and great cocktails. It was so good we stayed for dinner.
We could not end the day without stopping at another pub for cocktails! It was such fun to catch up, Jane and Cath always make me feel so grateful to have such good friends.

Freedom day today! Hoping this will be a great week for my lovelies!

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