Mean Meals

I hate spending money and do not really have that much available cash. However, I subscribed to a meal box and it arrived yesterday. I cannot explain the joy of finding a box on my doorstep. I, in true Tracy fashion, did not even register what food I was going to get.

I opened a nice bottle of wine and went through the box. Fragrant Chicken Laksa, Beef Enchiladas and Creamy Chorizo and sweetcorn pasta! I tried the pasta last night and it was fantastic even with my ham handed cooking skills.

The servings are very generous and enough for three meals which justifies the cost. Work is still pretty quiet and I think everyone is feeling a little down. It was quite exciting to be in the kitchen cooking again.

Tonight I am going to make the Chicken Laksa.

A short blog this week have a great week my lovelies! When life throws you a rainy day play in the puddles.

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