Beds and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago I decided that over 15 years of sleeping on the same mattress it was time for a change. A change is as good as a holiday they say and well I need a holiday!

Whilst trying to take my old bed apart and cursing the screws for not cooperating I realised that the bed was put together with the help of Cousin Fred. The bed was the first bit of furniture I ever bought. I loved it. I shared a lovely flat in Ealing with Fred and he gave me the best bedroom. Taking apart the bed myself was not optimal and I had a bit of a pity party. I rallied though and managed to get the bits of the bed frame and the mattress into the living room.

I am grateful for my neighbours in helping me getting the bits down stairs for collection and making sure I did not kill myself in the process.

My new bed and mattress was ordered from Ikea, very reasonably priced. It also has storage underneath it. The bed arrived in lots of bits on the Sunday and I had a fitful sleep on the sofa that night. I was delighted when my very own task rabbit (A DIY person) arrived on Monday to put it together.

This is it before I did any decoration on it.

I am delighted to say the storage is great and whilst I am a little short and the bed is higher than the last I am enjoying good nights sleep on it.

Next I am going to look at getting a kitten or if the responsibility is too much possibly a goldfish.

This is the view from my window. Have a great week my lovelies.

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