The Grand Reunion

I have been trying to write this blog all week but we had a Covid outbreak in the office and it has been quite literally mental.

I met Caroline about 26 years ago by the photocopier at a temp assignment, Caro was not a happy camper, so I invited her for a drink. The rest is history! I met her sister Rebecca who I sometimes call princess. Russ I worked with and then Angie who was living with Rebecca they met and have been happily married. The rest of the reunion team included Helen and Chris, Rebecca’s friends, various other half’s and kids! We all lived in Johannesburg and the stories I could tell. We have all gone through so much in the 26 years, changing countries, getting married, having kids, losing loved ones but through it all have stayed in touch. You will realise the only thing I did in the last sentence was move countries!

The reunion date and plans were set and then they were not! There were scheduling conflicts and travel considerations. It was agreed we would have a light supper at Rebecca’s on Friday, the big BBQ Saturday, and tea on Sunday at Rebecca’s. Caroline became our project manager!

I had a plan of travelling leisurely on the train (with my mask) to Cheltenham a lovely light lunch and then relaxing afternoon at the hotel. My plan seemed simple then it wasn’t. The train station was not even in the town centre. I spent considerable time asking strangers for directions. Cheltenham has very beautiful shops and very beautiful people. It also had interesting sculptures.

I could not find anywhere for a light lunch, so I gave up and decided to find a taxi rank and spend the afternoon relaxing in my hotel. After an hour of wandering around lost I gave up and went to the pub. It was a Wetherspoons and did not have the beautiful people in it. It did have an interesting couple with two large red bulls and about eight shots of vodka in front them. I did finally get to my hotel and in true Tracy fashion could not work my key card to open the door of my room and had to get staff to help.

The dinner at Rebecca’s was not a light supper! It was soup, blini’s with caviar, seafood, lamb and by then I had given up although there was cake and I believe there was also Pavlova. We all had a catch-up and I got to see Sam and Alexander, Rebecca’s sons along with Ben and Elizabeth Caroline’s kids.

Saturday I got to have breakfast with Angie and Russ whose plans didnt go according to plan either and they missed the dinner as they had to leave London late and got stuck in roadworks making their trip over four hours. Between breakfast and the BBQ we went back to the hotel where I promptly forgot my room number and tried to break into the wrong room. The BBQ was a relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable affair along with the dogs. One of which was very sensitive and you did not want to look at the wrong way. The other two were cute along with this one, Fiffo who has the most adorable face.

We were all very fascinated by two large pigeons that seem to have taken residence in Caroline’s garden. It was a good day with amazing friends and with excellent food by Craig. We were even surprised by Craigs homemade Boerewors which was better than in South Africa or anything I can buy here.

This is Caroline and I messing around, we really should have taken more photographs!

Bring on the weekend have a great rest of the week my lovelies!

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