The quiet of the morning

It is in those moments when all is silent, all are asleep that your mind races, how to switch off thinking! What if my mom was still alive, what if I had miraculously got married and had kids, what if……My cousin asked me last week what I would leave behind when I died. My answer, not much! Maybe nothing! Peanuts and wine I later thought. I asked myself does everyone have to leave a lasting legacy? I know I think of my moms chocolate cake, my grandmothers yorkshire puddings, Uncle Harold’s dubious pizza choices and Uncle Tom giving me a lesson on life over a beer with his ‘friends’ who happened to be sex workers!

I ask myself have I been there for friends and family? I like to think so, I am not sure that is leaving anything behind. Uncle Harold left a wing of a hospital, care of the dying was his legacy. My mom left behind her cook books and some great vases! The outpourings of grief having lost someone are, I think, a reflection of how much we loved them. Love is the the thing we carry with us and take us to wherever we may go. So maybe how much I love my friends and family is what I leave.

I spent some time in Teddington Cemetery this week. I loved this headstone!

A bit of a depressing post but also without sadness you do not appreciate happiness.

Have a fabulous week my lovelies!

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