The Unexpected

I have struggled with this blog as it is difficult to capture in words the sheer joy of this weekend. Getting my makeup done by a 9 year old, dressing up dolls, sharing the love of cheese with a friend, conversations with Benjamin’s friends that probably really wished I would leave! A hug from Craig, long conversations with Caroline and just the generosity of friends.

All these things make life an adventure and can be very unexpected. This is good!

I have known Benjamin since he was a glint in his mother Caroline’s eye. I have seen him as a sleeping baby, grumpy toddler to the transition of a very moody teenager to the amazing caring, smart, very funny adult he is now. Sharing his 21st birthday party was a privilege.

Going to his 21 birthday party was really not a choice!. I was going! The journey was not without its challenges!! I missed my train to the Cotswolds by 6 minutes and was a little nervous going to a party with people I did not know. My fears were unfounded Caroline’s friend Helen and Chris were there like a huge welcome hug. Helen’s husband was a true gentleman and was the first to suggest getting me wine from the bar! Caroline and Craig, have moved from South Africa and I was totally astounded how they have made a new life for themselves and settled in and made amazing friends. The party was great; I got to meet Benjamin’s friends and chat to a variety of interesting Cotswold neighbours.

Later in the evening Caroline said she had been invited to her neighbours 70th and we should go. I was adamant that I did not want to go. I was at one birthday party already! I was persuaded that this would be a good idea! Well… .. for starters the house was huge! They had a fully stocked bar in one of the rooms. The room we ended up in was the very big open area with a live DJ, disco lights, a dance floor and no one dancing! I had a gulp of wine and wondered how long it would take before I could escape. Caroline said ‘lets get this party started’ and and proceeded to go around dragging most of the 70 old men up from their chairs to dance! It was hilarious and totally unexpected and totally fun! I even got into the spirit!

I do think everyone got into the spirit. I asked this guy to dance he must of been in his late 70’s and he said he really could not stand much. I said ‘do not worry I will hold you up’, he loved it. Totally unexpected.

It is really the things we do not do that we regret.

Have a great week my lovelies.

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