What a week

Last Saturday was my final visit to Aunty Anne’s flat. I tried not to dwell on it too much. Sunday I was treated to the most awesome outdoors thanksgiving lunch by Kate and Tim.

It was the perfect amount of food and drink. Tim made my all time favourite cocktails – Margaritas! It was going to be a good week. Until it wasn’t, Kate contracted Covid! She was fine but had flu like symptoms and had to self isolate. I had a little panic attack and reality came crashing in even thought we met outside. I booked a PCR test and travelled through horizontal rain, freezing cold and darkness to drag myself to the nearest testing centre. It was so efficient. The next day I got the results I was negative. Yippee!

Then our esteemed prime minister announced Plan B. Another almost lock down. I along with everyone else felt a sense of depression and deja vu! The week did improve in that one of our companies invited me for drinks. It was just their team and what a fabulous night it was.

I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Have a great weekend my lovelies!

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