Hit and Run

I started this blog with the title of mid life romance. But it is not! I was not expecting it but I got an email about two months ago from a work colleague commenting that I looked nice and did I have a date! I laughed and thought nothing of it. However, we ended up going for a drink and started texting each other. I would love to say that I swooned, he romanced and it all went well. It did not! It was not quite what I had imagined and I guess it is not going to be. Even in the middle of a pandemic you can still have a heart flutter!

It did turn my mind to thinking ‘can you find romance or a companion in your fifties?’ Does it happen? Can you have a quick hit and run with someone so different from you. Does the endorphin rush justify the other complicated baggage stuff. Is it worth being vulnerable. Yes! It is all very strange. As I drink red bull at 4am worrying I have Covid I have to contemplate how my life has become so different. The thing about having new people in your life is that it does challenge you!

I may have made a huge mistakes regarding my career but am I glad to have worked at the London Zoo and met Alison and Nikki! Working at the bank also meant I met some new people and now in my new job I get to meet even more interesting people. Do I regret meeting The Man! No, it challenges me and it is interesting meeting and exploring new friendships, even if you do not agree with everything the person says or does! It also means I dress a little better and have to blow dry my hair.

So do I think you can meet someone in your fifties! Abso-f**king-lutely

Have a great day my lovelies!

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