Pandemic Panic

As I sit in my bed and look at the worst installed cat flap in world I wonder what will next year bring. I might add the cat flap looks like an aircraft window and I am tempted to get a dining chair and sit next to it imagining I am flying somewhere exotic.

How the person who installed it thought a cat could get up there and through the flap is beyond me! It is high up on the window and only a giraffe could reach up and get through!

With the days getting colder and darker along with the bad news about more Covid cases it is difficult to be optimistic. However last week I received an unexpected surprise a modern Christmas Tree from my friend Caro.

I had fun decorating the tree and then unexpectedly my friend Angie suggested we catch up. Angie and I met through Russel who I worked with along with Caro. I love the fact that we met in South Africa but now they are all in the UK is amazing!

I took a days holiday and we explored London. It was fun to go to Harvey Nichols, and Harrods! I took Angie down the old Kings Road where the rich and famous drive their super cars around. I explored my old haunts near the Natural History Museum. i regaled Angie with stories of my time when I first got to London and living in a youth hostel! It was a great day made better by the lack of tourists!

This is Angie and I just hanging!

I topped the day off with going to my regular pub night with Kate and Tim. A special treat was Lucy and Alan joining. Perhaps drinking way too many Margarita’s, gin and wine was not a good way to finish the day but we had fun!

The weekend ended with a spectacular walk with Marian, the best bacon butty and a crisp but dry day in Richmond park. So with the negative press, official working from home and Christmas not being my favorite time I have to ask what will next year hold? I know one thing, I have had a brilliant weekend with wonderful friends and those are the things I cherish.

So my lovelies as we go into the Christmas week stay safe, warm and enjoy those true moments of joy. Love to you and yours!

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