Breaking Free

There was a moment on Wednesday last week when I felt complete despair. 2022 was not starting with a a spark of joy. Everyone at work seemed down and it has been cold and grey in London. I realised I had to do something to break the cycle of misery! I booked a hotel room!

Friday started with a tour of an entirely different hotel, the new Pan Pacific. Rooms start at £300 and the attention to detail was phenomenal. I met my friend Umul later in the day. Dinner was at a restaurant called Flat Iron and I was surprised how busy it was. The menu is just ‘steak’. I loved it, we had a really good time catching up. My hotel the Premier Inn was very reasonable, although I did chuckle over the fact the duvet sits on the top of the bed. You need to make your own bed!

I slept like a baby and woke up to blue skies and a cold but not freezing London day. I walked around the Spitalfields market and then Leadenhall market. It was very quiet and quite soothing.

As I had no plans it was a joy to walk around exploring little known roads and finding interesting buildings and spots in the City. I ended up going to one of my favourite places in London, Borough Market.

Borough has almost anything you could possibly imagine to eat or drink. I had a very enjoyable afternoon forgetting life’s troubles.

So my lovelies not the most exciting blog post but I am out and about, the hotel made my week! Have a good one!

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