Fun and Frustrations

Today I got to thinking about the highs and lows of being single. It is great that you can just decide to stay in a hotel for a stay cation. There is no one to judge if you eat cheese crisps for dinner and left over curry for breakfast. There are however frustrations, one is not being able to put your zipped mattress cover on as it is impossible to hold the mattress and zip up the cover on your own. The back zip of a particular dress requires Houdini skills and sometimes even a small coat hanger. The impossible task of getting my safe keypad to work, although to be fair I think this is a user error! The latest is a necklace which I cannot get off my neck!

As this weekend looms I reflect on the fun I had last weekend. I took the trip out to Essex to see my South African friend Lisa. We met when we both worked at Arthur Anderson. Lisa took great glee in watching me haplessly tip over In trays, trip over wires and continue my Bridge Jones actions. We went for a drink and have been friends ever since. We went to this lovely pub and had a very very long lunch and culminating with dinner with Jason, Lisa’s husband. The waitress was astounded that we were still there at 9pm at night. I was astounded that they did not run out of wine!

I met Lisa again for Breakfast and then trekked back into London. Sunday was another fun filled day. Mark and Phil were over at Kate’s for a visit and I was invited to join a walk and then lunch. I could not turn this down Mark and Phil are always so cheery. Lucy who also came along always makes me laugh and the whole afternoon was fabulous especially all the food and of course Gin!

Those weekends spent with friends and having fun make up for the small frustrations of life. Another exciting weekend awaits. Have a good time my lovelies!

One thought on “Fun and Frustrations

  1. Looks like you had loads of fun. But I agree with you. There are positives being single, as you don’t have to stress about making Dinner for the family when you come home after work, or if there is enough food in the fridge for the Child to make lunch. Or if everyone has enough clothes to wear for the week, must you put a load in.

    But I also understand how difficult it is not having someone to burden the load, or help when help is needed. I went to work with my button of my dress at the back open, as there was no one at home to help me close it 🙂 I did try loads of times myself, but my arms couldn’t not and move in the places I needed it too.

    But as we ponder about being single or being in a relationship, I think they all come with highs and lows and it comes down to the point ….. how do you embrace your life. Not who you have in it or what you have, but how you live it, cause in the end. You need to be happy and enjoy it and the only person that can decide on how it is going to be is YOU – love you Tracy Lady


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