Another Week

Four a clock this morning I was visited by Jerry my neighbour’s cat. I was awake anyway and he got quite a few cuddles. This week has been cold, wet, dark and with a tube strike and other difficulties it is hard to be optimistic. There is also the situation with the Ukraine and very little good news. However there are glimmers of joy.

This last weekend I met up with my friend Alison to do our first ‘village walk’ of the year. Alison has this book about exploring London. It turns out the book is pretty and also pretty useless, bad maps, very little information and no suggestions on restaurants!

I am lucky Alison is always up for an adventure has some sense of direction which I sadly lack. We possibly walked down the same road about five times but we did find the above Chelsea Green. I love walking around the Chelsea area, it contains houses you wish you lived in, cars you can perv at and rich locals! Below is one of the pretty buildings.

Alison and I had a fabulous time culminating with an amazing lunch. There are some negatives relating to my various job hopping in London but one advantage is that I have some absolutely amazing friends.

This week as I trudged from Waterloo into the City in the rain I started to feel a little overwhelmed with depression and tall people trying to stick their umbrella’s in my eye. However on Wednesday I had the wonderful invitation to go for drinks with my cousin Fred. I cherish the times we spend together as I think, like fine wine our relationship gets better the older we get! We went to Sea Containers hotel, in a former life, the building was home to a maritime transport company, which gives the hotel its name and some of its design cues. The hotel has gone all in on the nautical theme, also using 1920s transatlantic cruise liners as inspiration. A dramatic copper wall shaped like a ship’s hull dominates the lobby and forms the reception area, while a sculpture of bright blue twisted pipes evokes the inner-workings of the vessel. The most important thing though was the cocktails.


So not a bad week. Keep safe my lovelies and enjoy the weekend.

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