Old Friends

My friend Bronwyn has commented on my blog which made me start to think of my school days in South Africa and friendships.

I was 14 going on 15 when I moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa it was a shock. The country was very different from Zimbabwe and having to make friends and start over again was challenging.   I was very lucky to find a tribe of amazing friends.

There was Carla a quiet, classy girl who used to say ‘Tracy Claire Smith’ every time I swore.  She is the voice of calm and honesty although mad about Elvis which I do not get.  We are still friends.  I am lucky she lives in England now.  Carla had this friend called Lynne who had the blondest hair and we became friends.  Lynne ended up travelling the world we have caught up here in London and I have also gone to see her in South Africa.  Catching up them after years is like just being right back at school.

I do not know how but I was lucky to make a great friend called Craig, his mom was an English teacher and had been travelling, I was fascinated!  She had this amazing house and was totally inclusive and non judgmental.   I always felt I could walk into that house and it was home.   Craig and I shared so many adventures including going to my first gay club (he was gay), we walked for two hours to get there!  Craig was very kind enough to come to my prom/matric farewell with me, that was him really funny and very kind.  Sadly Craig died a few years ago.

ourpromIn those days we did not have mobile phones so I have found it hard to find photo’s.  I also had these great friends Irma, Samantha and Cindy.  They are great at updating me on any gossip about school friends or friends of friends.

Back to Bronwyn and her crazy obsession with pink, she has told me that she now likes pink and purple. Bronwyn was there when I met my first boyfriend and I was there when she met her first husband.  Neither ended well. However I have a hilarious photo of Bronwyn and I on my motorbike at her hen event.  Bronwyn made me wear pink at her wedding!bronhen1We also became friends with my religious instruction teacher who then introduced us to our friend Kenny whose signature move was to pick you up and bite your bum.  I would need a forklift truck now!  I just found out that Kenny was the link between Bronwyn and Lynne meeting and also Bronwyn and I.

bronandmeLooking back although I hated school and I was not the popular kid I had the best friends.  I am still close to all of them and my cousin would comment that I always talk about my friends but they have carried me through some tough times and I hope to think I have been there for them too.

Elisabeth Foley quoted “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

Meet again soon my lovelies!


One thought on “Old Friends

  1. Wow I cannot believe you still have that photo of me on your bike. Do you remember how scared I was 🙂
    We did have some amazing adventures. We would never have thought back then that we would end up living on opposite sides of the world. You in the UK, Lynne in South Africa and me in New Zealand. Time to start planning a reunion 🙂

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