Illicit Journey

Today I went into London on the train!

A black cat was my only companion on the platform. Only when writing this post was I reminded that black cats are supposed to be bad luck.

I planned my journey with military precision. I wore a face mask. I had two different anti bac gels and wipes.

It was a shock to get to Waterloo. It was eerily quiet. There were hand sanitizer tables everywhere. Lots of policing.

I was going to walk to the City and see my office. However so many people were not wearing masks and to be honest I started to feel anxious. I took a short walk along the river. Even Big Ben is covered.

I finally realised that life will be very different going forward. It was so quiet and the only people around seemed to be security guards.

I walked down to take a picture of the Houses of Parliament and also got a photo at the base of the London Eye.

I did get a coffee probably the highlight of my journey. The whole trip just made me a bit sad and a little angry that people are not wearing masks. Then again I should have not taken the train! I might just go for a walk tomorrow.

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