Strawberry Hill House

Today is a grey day weather wise and 7 years ago my dad passed away.  It is inevitable during these troubling times we think about friends and family.  I also think of friends that are family. I am grateful my dad was around for so long and he was so strong.

When my dad passed away, just three months after my loved Uncle Harold, my cousin Fred came all the way to Surrey to sort out flights, family matters and be there for me. He guided me through getting to the airport and on a plane with humour and of course a little wine.  My amazing friends Rebecca, sometimes called Princess, and Caroline collected me from the airport and kept hold of me through the entire time I was in South Africa.  A cousin from a small country called Swaziland drove all the way to come to my dads funeral and my cousin Timothy who is more of a friend made sure we toasted my dad in the best way possible with Brandy and Coke, my parents favourite tipple.

Today’s walk made me smile as in the middle of the suburb Strawberry Hill is this amazing Gothic house called Strawberry Hill House, I was amazed that I could go into the grounds and walk around the garden.


Horace Walpole discovered and purchased ‘Copp’d Straw hall which was going to be the site of Strawberry Hill house in 1747.  I did not know who Horace Walpole was so looked it up!  He was the youngest son of the first British prime minister.  He was an Earl and famous for the printing press at the House and publishing his Gothic novel the Castle of Ortranto, he wrote many more books.

The House became a tourist attraction in Walpole’s lifetime and beyond.  Walpole allowed four visitors a day, no children however!

I was fascinated by this building that was in the back of the gardens.


stairsIt was an amazing visit.  As I left I looked back and even thought the gates were beautiful.


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