Foxes and Furlough

I woke up at 4am this morning and thought #wow today I am furloughed!’  I was furloughed in April but today was my first pay slip. I logged into my account and it was not great but not bad, I can make a plan.  I am very lucky I have a job, and a cupboard full of food and amazing friends and family.

As I was up so early I got up and out the house to hunt for the Fonzi my local fox.  So back to the fox, he is a character, he waits until I get out my camera before bolting behind a tree!  Sod!  I saw him along with two other foxes this morning none of whom waited for a photo!   I walked to Bushy park which always makes me smile.

I might add that yesterday started as a sad day but ended very happily with two unexpected presents in the mail a small sheep from my friend Lisa and a late, well very late, Christmas present from Caroline!  It cheered me up.

I always see squirrels on my journey but this one actually stopped to say hello.

squirrelI found the Water Garden open.  Built by the 1st Earl of Halifax in 1710 a private garden. The Water Garden played a unique role in twentieth-century events. They were used as a hospital for Canadian troops in the First World War, then as swimming pools as part of an open air school for East End Boys with respiratory diseases.

During the Second World War, the site was used as US barracks. The site then fell into disrepair and remained closed.  The gardens re-opened in 2010.

watergarden2They are much prettier than my photo’s.

watergardenThe walk started early but was a good walk. I am currently looking out the window and it is raining, I love the rain it always feels like it is cleaning the world.

tree1At the end of my walk I saw these two deer, it occurred to me one of them was really not happy having his photo taken!  He relented in the end.



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