Tracy’s Dubious Recipes

I went to the shops today for white wine. It occurred to me I do not worry anymore when people fling themselves into oncoming traffic to avoid me. To be fair I, when seeing families or people with dogs do the same.

One of the consequences of the lock down is that I have had to cook for myself so much more. Peanuts and wine just don’t cut it anymore.

Pasta with prawn scampi seems to work. I watch a lot of videos by the Barefoot Contessa or the Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson. This has not helped to improve my cooking. As my friend Caroline will attest- I can burn water.  Everyone who knows me has had my North African Lamb, I have a friend Lisa who has had it multiple times as I keep on forgetting I have cooked it for her!

Today I thought I would try Chicken Piccata. I should have read through the recipe first! Just as I got the ingredients the Barefoot Contessa says “pound out the chicken thinly using a rolling pin, everyone has a rolling pin”. I don’t!

I had to use a wine bottle! Anyway it worked and the dish was good. I might even be able to serve it to guests, one day!


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