Final Lock Down Day

Today is the last day I have before I go back to work tomorrow.  I was furloughed and from tomorrow will be back on full pay.  I am immensely grateful to have a job and also to have so many supportive friends during the last three months.

I remember being told I was being furloughed on 1st April, I thought this was very ironic it being April Fools Day.  I was also a little shocked and a bit sad.  I will be honest I spent some evenings with a glass of wine looking out my bedroom window as our lovely church.

CHURCH1I woke up early today and went for a walk.  My last walk to just get out of the flat.  It did not end well as I popped into Tesco for some healthy vegetables and cheese. It was nearly empty however I was distracted by the cheese section.  In getting a piece of blue cheese my breasts just brushed the shelf below and before I could stop it the cheese display was tumbling to the ground.  The store assistant came over and suggested he would sort it out!  I left hurriedly.

I spent quite some time during lockdown looking out my bedroom window and also my lounge.  It is ironic that the tree that sits outside my flat got cut down on Friday, this is the tree before it disappeared.

treeI am going to keep this blog going as I will be able to look back on 2020 and muse over everything that has happened.  My long walks have taken me to places I did not know existed in Teddington and surrounding areas.  My calls with Joanna on the other side of the world have kept me sane along with check in’s from Caro, Kate and Cousin Fred.  There are many more friends not listed here whom I have had long conversations and laughs with.  Most importantly I have spoken to friends more than ever.  I have finally gone through my dad’s photographs and belongings.  I have kept a gratitude journal for nearly two months now.  I have dyed my hair black, not the best idea and tried to learn the guitar.

So what will tomorrow hold!  I do not know but am excited at the prospect of it.


4 thoughts on “Final Lock Down Day

  1. Yes please don’t stop blogging Tracy – I’d really miss it. Look forward to photos of post-lockdown London and hearing how you implement all the changes in the office – it will be a historical record of this weird period! x

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  2. I think tomorrow will bring some more fun adventures 🙂 Hopefully no cheese will be harmed 🙂
    Great that you are getting back to work. Have a fab day.


  3. Loved this post and yes only you could knock over the cheese display with your boobs!
    Likewise, you have kept me sane as well, as you know.
    Let me know how you get on today.
    Good luck and have fun!
    Love ya and keep on blogging x

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