I am nearly at the end of going through my dad and Uncle Harold’s paperwork. The decisions of whether to throw out photo’s, old passports, hand written letters and cards has not been easy. Going through all this paperwork has taken weeks but has been a slight distraction from Covid news.

Sifting through every piece of paper I realised what interesting journeys we go on. I came across a speech made by one of my fathers friends at his retirement. He mentioned that my grandmother was fined half a crown for using grievous bodily harm to one ‘Tickey’ whom she pushed into a hot stove after finding him cooking a pot full of puppies which she had asked him to drown!

It is difficult to imagine Granny below would do such a thing!

I also came across this photo which I love, it is my gran, my auntie June and my cousin Gayle. I remember this trip as we all went to Botswana and auntie June packed soggy tuna sandwiches to have at the side of the road with warm coca cola. An interesting journey.

I started my schooling in Zimbabwe and finished it in South Africa, personally I hated school, I never fitted in and spent most of the time miserable. Apparently I was shy.

Going through school reports I found it a bit sad that every school report told me to try better. I don’t think they realised I was trying the hardest I could. Perhaps they could have realised I was not that bright! As seen by my Matric/O’Level results below.

Amongst all the school reports and year books I did find some amazing cards from friends and some interesting photos which I shall post. In spite of school and a Rhodesian Civil War I did have an enchanting childhood, other than cutting my brothers toe off when I was 5. I enjoyed the days of cycling around the wilds of Africa, great weather and a carefree existence even with worries of war in Rhodesia and then trying to fit in when we moved to South Africa.

I also got into scrapes from setting off an alarm in the Louvre Museum in Paris for touching a painting and breaking my arm badly by hitting a dog on my motorbike!

All of this makes me miss my dad and mom, I hope they would have been proud of me. This is my favourite photo of my dad. He found it fascinating that I loved England and came to visit me on several occasions.

I came across this photo of my mom, my brother and I. The big rock in the background was tricky to climb and had rock art painting at the base. The light house behind it was an interesting addition to the skyline.

It makes me proud that I have gone from Rhodesia to South Africa and through interesting journeys to interesting places, meeting amazing people and making amazing friends. I am glad my decisions have got me here. When I was 21, photo below, all I wanted was to travel, own a flat and have a Porsche. Two out of three isn’t bad!

Big hugs to you and yours lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Journeys

  1. You were so blonde as a little one! Love the pic of you and your Dad – is that going in your hall “feature wall” gallery? Your grandmother should maybe not be granted wall space. Which is worse: asking someone to drown puppies in the first place or pushing that person into a hot stove? As for Tickey – no words! Great post, it’s been too long. Who needs a Porsche? 😘xxx


  2. They most certainly would have been very proud of you!

    Glad some things haven’t changed, although fortunately none of your ‘classic Tracy moments’ has been quite as extreme as CUTTING YOUR BROTHER’S TOE OFF!?! Yikes!

    I may have figured out how to get notifications ….. fingers crossed.


  3. Loved the trip down memory lane. Your parents were and would still be very proud of you. Gosh, I still remember your 21st like it was yesterday. You look so happy in the photos as well. Moving to another country on your own was pretty amazing. And hey you can still get a Porsche 🙂

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