Mediocrity is interesting now!

This week I had the opportunity to go to another office and speak to a couple of staff there. As I left I was struck by happiness and sadness, I realised I was lonley. I am not on my own and have just read an article about a writer who is experiencing the same thing as me. She says that as we are on our own, a support bubble is not a luxury, its a necesssity.

This got me thinking of my support bubble. Bliss is when your neighbour cooks a roast dinner and shares it with you, on a big plate, handed over ‘the wall’. It is also the same neighbours who I know will be honest with me and tell me if I am being stupid or melodramatic or just silly! It is authentic and puts me at ease. Bliss is when it is freezing but your neighbour still invites you to share a glass of prosecco outside in the gazebo!

The boredom at home and at work has got me thinking, probably too deeply, is it my fault that I am single? Did I not invest enough in relationships, or even myself? Should I have settled for the first man who came along? What did I do wrong? The answer to all these questions is no and I did not do anything wrong. I think all these thoughts are just product of so much time by myself.

Walking to work today I realised that this has been a great learning opportunity for me and also am reminded that I am not alone and we are all going through some level of anxiety during these difficult times. I am lucky that I have not caught the virus and I still have a job! I am also surrounded by amazing friends who I cannot wait to see again.

Have a great weekend my lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Mediocrity is interesting now!

  1. Stay safe and sane, my friend. Remember we all have wobbles some days but it is surely harder to give yourself a talking to and bounce back out if you are on your own. Do call if you ever just need someone to sound off to or just get a sense check. You aren’t going mad! Even if some days it feels that way.
    I would love to have shared last night’s roast chicken (and a particularly fine cheesecake) but I fear it would have been somewhat the worse for wear by the time it reached you.
    Give your lovely neighbour a big hug from me. And an even bigger one for yourself. XX

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  2. I am so so glad we got to be your bubble. We are the lucky ones! Seeing you every week with conversation veering from silly to thought provoking and back again – Fridays are the highlight of the week. Although the cheeseburger this week was regrettable – warmed up McDonalds at that, standards are slipping…


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