Wicked Walking

When my friend Marian suggested we go for a drive in her shiny new car I was delighted. I secretly loved the idea of hanging my head out of the car like a dog, shaking my hair and sticking my tongue out! I also thought it would be a good way to get out of the long walks that Marian does! This is the shiny new car that actually has engineering assistance should you do something stupid like accidentally go into another lane or get too close to another car.

The drive was lovely and whilst slightly hampered by cyclists I was not required to navigate which was a very good thing because if I was navigating we would be in Scotland. We were heading for Surrey and the Denbies largest single estate vineyard 265 acres. Certain parts of the vineyard can only be harvested by hand because of the slopes. They produce white and rose wine but also red which is interesting in this climate.

We parked some way from the vineyard and had a wonderful walk through the trees and bluebells. It was relatively quiet. There were few signs so Marian and I asked some very nice man for directions. In nice I mean good looking!

There were a few people around and some very cute dogs. The weather was great for walking not too hot nor cold. I can understand why this area is a haven for the rich it is so pretty. We arrived at Denbies and had a wonderful lunch of panini’s and rose wine. The wine was great, I will need to go back for more.

The scenery was spectacular.

We then started the walk back – it was uphill! Whilst Marian skipped up the slopes like a gazelle I lumbered up the slope like a very big tired hippo! I thought it was one small slope. It was not, I am sure everyone could hear me huffing, puffing and moaning up the first hill. Then there was another hill, and another and another. By then I was not looking at the great scenery I was just putting one foot in front of the other. I am probably exaggerating but wow! Marian was very kind and did not laugh her head off.

It reminded me of the time I went for a walk, hike, epic adventure with my friend Tracey and she warned me there was going to be a steep hill, every time we came upon any sort of slope I would ask “Is this the hill”, and she would reply “no, not yet”. We arrived at the steep hill, it was like Everest!

I did not totally have a sense of humor failure but I was quite close, I really need to get fitter.

The takeaway from the day was that I had fun, and loved doing something different. Yes, I was a little sore on Monday but if you do not stretch yourself you do not grow, or get fitter! It was a great day and as Marian said you did it!

Have an excellent week my lovelies!

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