Its Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday

What a week – it kicked off last Friday with my second vaccine and then a visit to the next door Kate and Tim’s pub. They had special guests Mark and Phil and did we have fun, I was even allowed to be inside. Margarita’s are my favourite cocktail and Tim makes a mean one. This is me celebrating!

Mark and Phil were very excited for the final of the Eurovision song contest. I admitted I had never seen it to their utter horror! Well what a strange bunch of performers! Iceland was my favourite, strange hair and strange moves. I loved it.

Saturday I woke up not feeling great and it didn’t get much better. I ended up only spending a little time watching the Eurovision song next door before going home feeling very unwell.

My work week was strange a colleague came in to give me her laptop as it was her last day. She left and got stuck in the lift! Can you imagine your last day at work and you are stuck in the lift! I then had a request for a door bell at another office and then a request for a cup of tea from the CEO.

I was successful in buying a door bell and installing it, go me!

The office is still very quiet as you can see. My week has ended with a pub dinner with the girls on the road, which was exciting.

Have a great weekend my lovelies!

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