Osborne House, Isle of Wight, day 3

You know when you watch someone older trying to work their phone and you have a little smile and think I will never be that person! I am that person, I could not book a ticket to Osborne House on my phone nor on my laptop. I was more than a little frustrated. Luckily Kate came to the rescue so I had a plan for my last day of my IOW experience!

Osborne House was built by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as their family residence with their nine children. The landscaping and design was overseen by Prince Albert. I loved the fact that they used to try and spend their birthdays at Osborne House and there is an exhibit on at the moment showing their birthday room.

Queen Victoria became Empress of India in May 1876. There was a fascinating wall of Indian figures and of course this room.

It was still a pandemic and so we had to wear our masks and social distance. The state rooms were amazing I really enjoyed listening to the history of the house and the royal family. I have been looking for a new sofa and spied this one, I think it will fit splendidly in my living room!

I loved the house but was surprised that we only were able to view the ground floor. I found out that public viewing only on the ground floor was a condition of sale to the English Heritage. The outside of the house was equally charming.

The outside is as beautiful as the inside. I found myself alone in this amazing walled garden.

Whilst public transport is good on the Isle of Wight you really do need to get your timings right. When I got off the bus at Osborne House I checked what times the bus went back to Ryde as they are only every hour. I was on time to start heading back to London. Unfortunately when I got to Ryde I found out the ferry was only in a few hours. The only thing to do was to settle in a pub garden with a glass of white wine.

Coming into Portsmouth there is an excellent view of the Spinnaker Tower. The tower is two and a half times as high as Nelson’s column making it on of the tallest accessible structures in the UK outside London.

It has been a good week, some Tracy drama of course! I have slept better than I have in almost a year and eaten some very good food. I have had moments of reflection and am very grateful that my friends and family have been ok during these troublesome times. The weather was good this week and transport too! Have a great weekend my lovelies!

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