This week

There is a word in Afrikaans that says hartseer, it means heart sore. That is how I feel. This week we had the funeral. My Aunty Anne passed, she had a good life and was in the twilight of her years but it does not make it much easier. One of pieces of music played was from Out of Africa and it made me think of myself and my cousins running around without shoes playing in the bush.

Funerals are a celebration of a life lived and whilst we mourn the loss it is imperative we remember the life lived. As with all the losses of recent times it is the lives lived, the joys, the milestones, the small gifts of memories we should try and celebrate. Yes there is great sorrow but you would not have that without great love.

So with a little sadness I post this picture of happy times.

Rest in peace Aunty Anne, big hug to Cousin Fred and to all you lovelies have a great weekend!

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